Evans Njoroge aka Kidero

Meru University Student Union Secretary General Evans Njoroge aka Kidero was shot dead in cold blood yesterday by the police.

According to an eyewitness identified as Dominic Limiri,

“Police chased after the student through my compound before one of the officers shot him within my farm.”  

Although no one knows the exact motive why Kidero was killed, many have described him as a great young man, who wanted the best for the Meru University students.

“When I hear news bout Meru University & your cold blood murder, I see no hope left for me in life. Reminds me of the cruel times we living in, none of your assassins knows the no. of storms you weathered to be where you were, but I do. Rip bro😓, we the last ones left,” read a message by Odoh_Oniala

In his last post, he shared on Facebook, Kidero wrote a Memo to the university management and here is what he wrote on the 31st of January.

“This is our MEMO to the university management.

We will give directions on the way forward in pursuing our justice in the course of the day.

A little patience won’t cost an arm. We need to be ultra-accurate in all our plans to ensure that all injustices in MUST, including the fee issue are addressed immediately.

Meanwhile, all students are urged to stay off classes until a full solution to our irreducible minimums below, is provided by the university management.

These are our rights comrades. It’s the time for change in this institution.

We have stayed on our knees long enough.

We write MEMO’s that land on deaf ears.

This can’t continue. Someone must be held accountable.

P.O BOX 972-60200


DATE: 31/01/2018


REF: SAMU/06/083/2018


The above subject matter refers;

We are surprised by the DVC’S Memo on the revision of the fee structure.
As the norm, no promise has been honored.

The proposal by the Vice chancellor detailed a reduction that amounted to not less than KSH. 8,500, per academic year.

Now, what we are seeing is a reduction that’s amounting to hardly KSH. 4000.

Below is a list of our fresh irreducible minimums that must be met before the University resumes to its normal operations:

1. Fee reduction to a practical amount in relation to our HELB allocations per semester- less than 35,000 per academic year.

We will be giving a detailed summary of our petition with all the newly introduced, controversial components that we need to be scrapped from our fee structure after our crisis meeting with all SAMU leaders.

2. Implementation of the revised fee structure in the 2017/2018 academic year.

We did not start pursuing the fee reduction course because of the 2018/2019 academic year’s fee. We want the changes to take effect immediately. We can’t postpone the solution to these injustices any longer. This course will only halt upon receiving the revised fee structure for the 2017/2018 academic year and getting satisfied with the reduction.

3. All the money that has been charged illegally, like the KUCCPS increment, that have been on effect for the last 3 years should be accounted for with immediate effect. A communication from the management to the students should be produced immediately directing students on the effects of the controversial payments that were made illegally.

4. A Solution to the clean water supply hazard that’s currently being experienced at the university.

We need clean water supply to:
 All hostels
 Students center
 Playing ground
5. A solution to the hygiene menace in the hostels and academic blocks where students are using cans to fetch water to flash the toilets.

6. A proof of certification for the Leaking buildings and cracking academic blocks, the likes of the engineering complex that are endangering the lives of the students and lecturers.

A solution to these dangerous infrastructures should be provided immediately.
Meanwhile, students are urged to stay away from buildings like Engineering complex.

7. Cleanliness and improvement of our students center. We have written severally about the current blocked drainage system,
the unavailability of: dustbins, a utensil’s cleaning sink, Fire extinguishers, sufficient number of shades to accommodate a majority of the students.

Failure to allocate several workers to be in charge of cleaning the students center. Or is the students center not part of Meru University?

8. Maintenance of the roads and pathways:
We are tired of seeing the university rushing to repaint and clean the only road in Meru university when graduation time comes knocking.

We want a solution to the overgrown grass along our roads and pathways, the potholes and disease-causing dust to be arrived at immediately and without fail.

9. We understand that money close to 44-million KSH was allocated for the improvement of our university playing grounds that are at the worst state, about a year ago. We are yet to see even a slight development in the fields.

We are demanding a full update immediately on when we expect better playing grounds. After all, we are here to grow into all round people while some of us never get a chance to discover their talents due to the poor state of our playing grounds.

10. We want a full account of the money we have been paying for medical subscription. We will no longer sit and continue paying the 4000KSH medical subscription while our hospital continues to deteriorate to its worst state. We expect that with the high charge MUST should, at the moment, have a reputable health center. Considering the fact that we pay more than 16 million Kenya shillings per year on medical subscription. Where has the money been going to for the last 5 years?

Our hospital has only one doctor, no nurses, no sufficient medicine, no inpatient services. We need a full explanation.

Cooperating is the only option.

Thank you.


Evans Njoroge

Rodgers Wangila Wabomba

Here are the photos of Evans Njoroge aka Kidero


Evans Njoroge aka Kidero
Meru University sec gen Evans Njoroge aka Kidero


Evans Njoroge aka Kidero
Meru University sec gen Evans Njoroge aka Kidero


Evans Njoroge aka Kidero
Meru University sec gen Evans Njoroge aka Kidero