Shocked meme lol
Shocked meme lol. photo credit:file

We all have had embarrassing moments between the sheets but what is more hilarious is how our partners react at such moments of weakness.

From wigs falling off to nails getting stuck in the anal passage below are narrations by women on their most embarrassing moments in and out of the bedroom.

Slept with this guy on the first date and he ate my a$$ with such vigor it hurt to poop for days.

Never texted him back and thought I was in the clear of ever having to see him again.


Ran into him at work 2 weeks later. Turns out we work at the same company.

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Another adds,

First date, I got drunk and decided mid-blowjob to stick my finger up his bum without warning. Lost one of my acrylic finger-nails.

Thank god I had a nail appointment the next day but to this day he still doesn’t know he had a fake nail up his bum… or maybe he saw it when it came out?!

One woman narrates how she was quickly replaced after cancelling her wedding only for the man to wed another woman on the same day.

I was engaged to a man 20 years older, we broke up just before our wedding which I had planned.

I happened to drive by our wedding venue on the day and guess what?

He went through with the wedding I had planned…same day, same venue just different bride.

Another lady narrates how her breast pads fell off during a moment of passion.

Met a guy in a club at Vegas and went back to his Hotel.

Realized I had hair extensions in so I tried to deter him from running his fingers through my hair.

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Then I forgot I had breast gel pads in my bra to help make my boobs look big.

 as he took off my bra the pads fell on his face. Luckily the lights were off so he didn’t see what fell on his face but he felt it. I pretended I didn’t know!

You know what they say? Fake things don’t last long and that was the case for one woman after her wig and lashes fell off.

Hooking up on a date and one of my fake eyelashes falls off and I thought “thank god it wasn’t my wig!” .

next minute my wig falls off! But he picked it up, put it on and kept on thrusting!

Another lady narrates how his friend gifted her a threesome as a birthday gift.

A friend with benefits showed up at my house with a “birthday present” in the middle of the night.

He woke me up to tell me the gift was in the living room.

Sleepy and confused I went to the living room and there was another guy there. My “gift” was a threesome. We had not discussed this…but I wasn’t going to waste my gift.


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