donald kipkorir

Larry Madowo’s lawyer, Don Kipkorir is a mega flamboyant man. If he has it, he flaunts it.

Ukiskia vibaya, that is your problem.

Pick a steep cliff and jump.

In his latest show of financial might and power, Don Kipkorir has decided he is not like the regular watus, who will be having tea every morning flavoured with mercury and copper. Not forgetting a hint of lead.


That is not his struggle.

He picked a new one.

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Don Kipkorir has decided to import his own sugar from London to avoid consuming the much publicised ‘contaminated’ sugar.

“As Kenya allowed One Billion Kilograms Of unprocessed Sugar to be imported, most of which has been re-packaged for domestic consumption, I have abandoned Sugar packaged in Kenya. Henceforth, I will be using sugar packaged in England, my Beloved Colonial Power.”

To show you that he is not joking Don posted photos of the shipping documents and the brand of sugar he bought.

They are the devil, drugs owned my soul – a sober Ray C cried

Here is the shipping tracking document

The document doesn’t disclose how many kilos he has bought of Tate Lyle brand of granulated sugar.

If you get the exact brand of sugar on offer, it goes for Ksh 132 for a one KG bag.


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Kenyans of course reacted to this display or opulence.

George Mulala: I used to enjoy my Jameson so much until I discovered there was a Jameson plant in Babadogo fully with KBS branch to put a mark of quality on their product. The sewage water they were cooking it in made it extra potent. I swear if Kenyans were the type that dies because of eating crap none of us… 40 million would be breathing today! Leave honey alone…its also been aldurated with sugar which has more metal than your mercedes!

Warner C. Bwika: Lanes my brother, let me stick to my pure honey from kitui.

Anne Murungi: Where are you getting it from? My daughter is on a go-slow because there is a sugar ban in my house.

Fred Gori: Lanes is an understatement.

Wanja Wa Njuguna: Donald – how about kicking the ‘sugar usage’ habit in total unless from fruits etc? Healthier any day.

Ashley Mariana Nganga: Symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome….. Why not from Tanzania or Rwanda.

Donald B. Kipkorir: Kenya supplied those countries with same sugar.

David Kariuki: You are lucky Don. What about those of us who cannot even import from Uganda..? Use your influence to fight corruption sir.

Ronoh Benson: Your neighbour will serve you tea with sugar from supermarket. Cakes and other stuff from neighbours will have lead, copper and mercury. You already consumed anyway it’s now too late to abandon

Muturi Mutabaruka Allan: Good people, if you are going to avoid contaminated sugar by not buying locally packed sugar only, you will still take it. What of baked products and other foods products cooked using the contaminated sugar?

Kipkoech Evans: Donald B. Kipkorir next is you import your car Fuel ….this fuel is not genuine.

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