Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo and Wazir Chacha are two names that should not appear on the same page together. One is an award-winning journalist while the other is an award-winning player and conman.

Larry Madowo

Both have been in the news this last month and not for the best of reasons. Larry, for his independent stance and subsequent resignation from Nation media to Wazir who made himself known with his independent bazooka(msolokombo).

Benson Masubo Chacha
Chacha hiding his tool of mass destruction

This has made them pariahs to various individuals but heroes to others. I for one admire Wazir. If a skinny and ugly ninja like him can get that far with 20% of parliaments female MPs then all dreams are valid. Wazir, you inspire me.

But I digress. The two are n’t supposed to share much in common, but they do. Shocking I know. They are trailblazers, men who beat to their own drums, in Wazirs’ case their own bazooka’s.

But they also share a more striking similarity. Yes, the resemblance between a young and hungry Larry to the enterprising and panty-removing Wazir. The photo came of Larry came to light when he shared a throwback photo of himself as he started out in the media landscape.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo throwback

Kenyans are remarkable people. They can see things that most would ignore or call to attention.

Larry Madowo and Wazir Chacha

Some of the comments about his resemblance to Chacha are below:


What do you think? Wanafana?

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