Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo preparing ugali

Kenya’s top journalist Larry Madowo is living the life in London.

Larry Madowo

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The former NTV presenter, who recently moved to BBC Africa as the head of the Business desk, yesterday attended the Arsenal vs West Ham match at the Emirates stadium in the company of a woman believed to be a relative.

“Arsenal always win when I come to watch a game but today’s 4-1 thrashing of West Ham was extra special because it’s one of Arsene Wenger’s last with the team #COYG,” he shared on social media.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo at the Emirates stadium during Arsenal vs West Ham united match. Arsenal won 4 -1

If Larry Madowo booked the Category 1, Corner Upper Tickets then it means he paid Ksh.33,705.39 per seat, which is not even equivalent to what a normal team in KPL (excluding AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia) collects during their matches.

Madowo also witnessed Kenyan athletes Eliud Kipchoge and Vivian Cheruiyot win the London marathon race.

ud Kipchoge and Vivian Cheruiyot
ud Kipchoge and Vivian Cheruiyot , the winners of London marathon

“‪It is Kenya Day in the UK, aka # LondonMarathon,” Madowo wrote accompanied by the photo below

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo with fellow Kenynas during the London marathon

The multitalented journalist also took his fans to his kitchen, where he shared a video of himself preparing ugali.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo preparing ugali

“Mume nyumbani. Ama namna gani, my fren?” he captioned.

Larry Madowo’s fans were thrilled with some speculating that he had finally found a woman to settle down with based on the caption whereas other claimed that the person behind the camera was his new catch.

Check out some of the comments:

Papaarunga: Hope ni bibi alikua yuachukua hii clip….

This_is_lee_tash: Am happy seeing my future husband cooking, mimi nkifundisha watoto upo jikoni!! Hallo hallo😊😊😊😉

Marion Masai: Yaani Larry ulisafiri na unga wa sima hadi huko?! Don’t tell me hiyo umefunika na sahani ni omena. I can’t believe after all the cooking lessons and the culinary skills I now posses hungenipeleka nikue mpishi wako.

Dasiago: Unasiagia mahindi London ama unatumana na KQ😂

Rogerskigen: Mwanaume ni ugali

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Evans Obala: Larry needs to be hooked up with those media ladies, apewe either Kapombe (Mashirima) au Zubeida Kananu na kama mbaya saana hata Bi Msafari wa citizen atatosha. Nakufeel bro

Amos K Mwalali: Are you cooking ugali for the whole bbc staff larry ????? Iyo ugali n mob

Juliejemutai: Tafuta bibi sasa

Steve Kahery: Larry hii ni mbaya bro! Kwanza kubeba gunia ya unga kwenda kupika ugali majuu ni makosa! Kujipikia makosa ingine! Larry women are the most mesmerizing creatures I have ever seen.Find one! you will never regret.

Nimoh_kiarie: Larry carries unga ya kisiagi to London🙌🙌😁😁

Nicelicious: Hubby material

Cess_wainaina: Aki na bado hujapata bibi😂😂 life is weird.

Adan Warsame: Larry you mean all ladies are on strike. There is one who can volunteer to cook for you. You mean you can finish all that ugali? Small body but big stomach 🙂

Brianmbayi: Sembe muhimu ka boychild. ama namna gani?

James_mulei: Why can’t you get married

Mutanu_macy: atleast bado hujaanza kuorder pizza daily

Oumaeri: Boy child tafuta bibi sasa ni kubaya

Daughter_mc: Kumbe you can cook. I thought ni videos tu na photogenesis

Shemogumbe: Unapikaje kama slay king

Papsdehpap: Ile siku Larry utaoa the dreams that will be shuttered.* A moment of silence*… Lakini wewe ninani uoe.. cheza ka wewe😂😂..

Mwirigi: Mbona unashika mwiko na swag

Bethmungai: There is something attractive about a man who can cook!

Below is the video

Mume nyumbani. Ama namna gani, my fren?

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