Larry-Madowo. photo credit: softkenya

Larry Madowo might have taken his no-nonsense journalism style to the BBC but that hasn’t stopped some Kenyans from throwing utter shit at him.

This upuzi is courtesy of a female fan who accuses the bald and bold Larry of being the source of her problems. Which problems you may ask? Love problems.


Former NTV journalist Larry Madowo is still a bachelor as far as we know. Perhaps the revered media personality may have a lover but has never introduced her to the public, making it quite hard for anyone to believe he is in a relationship.

Larry Madowo
In a sharp suit

The lady, who goes by the name Lilian took to Twitter on Wednesday, April 18, and blamed the TV personality for her spinsterhood.

In essence, Lilian meant beautiful women (but I checked out her photos on Twitter and I wasn’t impressed if you know what I mean) out there are ready for marriage but thanks to eligible bachelors like Larry, they are still single.

Blame Game meme
Quite a number of Kenyans asked her to inbox Larry and forward her CV for possible consideration, to which she agreed. The comments are below:

As reported by earlier, the former The Trend show host had taken to social media to divulge his wardrobe mishap on his first day of work at BBC.

Larry Madowo

This is total horsecrap. The simple truth is this: Most women (even aesthetically challenged) are competing for the top 10% of men. They don’t look at men who are not made and that is why you have this situation, not Larry’s fault.

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