Madowo Larry

Larry Madowo’s The Trend is one of the most highly rated TV shows in Kenya. He manages to bring on some of the most popping personalities of the week. Some of his most frequent co-hosts are radio personalities and TV show hosts. One of them is none other than the sexy Anita Nderu.

The bubbly girl, who was formerly a Teen Republik host is now at a reporter at Capital FM. She took to IG to share her excitement of being The Trend, calling Larry “colorful” in her caption.

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Larry must be elated since he has from time to time maintained that he is busy working on his career and is single. Such a perk-you-up compliment can make a man work 24 hours non-stop.

Anita Nderu is however hooked to her long-term boyfriend. The gorgeous lass prefers to keep her relationship off the radar. That explains the little if any drama, as opposed to if she were parading her man all over social media. Take a look at the compliment below: