Larry Madowo got a new a job at BBC Africa in London and from his social media sharing, he is really enjoying his time there. He went for an arsenal game and guess what? They won 4-1. No offence to Arsenal fans in here but it is rare to see them win.

Maybe after Arsene Wenger announced he is leaving, they are now motivated to win.

Larry Madowo

I am sure you’re wondering what the relation between the two is? Well, in case you did not know, every Arsenal Game Larry has attended, they have won! Is Larry Madowo the solution to all their problems?

Larry Madowo

“Arsenal always win when I come to watch a game but today’s 4-1 thrashing of West Ham was extra special because it’s one of Arsene Wenger’s last with the team #COYG.”

Larry madowo
Larry Madowo doing what he does best

Larry Madowo is making some major career strides and the one thing his fans keep asking is when he will get married? He has proven to us that he can cook the Kenyan staple food, ugali. He also proved he can cook Nigerian staple food, Jolof rice

So will he pick a wife from one of the two areas or maybe just get one from London where his home is located?

Larry Madowo looks Ksh. 5 Million happier! Find out how much Larry could be earning

Don’t we all want a wedding story to talk about? In other news, we are happy Arsenal fan’s cry’s have been heard. They will now stop filling our social media feed with noise about Wenger out!