Grammys is probably the biggest award ceremony in the entertainment industry. With the biggest names from our screen attending and winning awards as nominees.

It has been said the event rarely appreciates the black people in the industry.

Occtopizo ‘number nane baby’ is an exception. He posted on Instagram saying he has received a direct invite from the Grammys.

He stands to be the first ever Kenyan to receive the invite and of course he made sure we are quite aware of his big success. On his video, he mentions that dreams do come true and he had to post it so that haters don’t claim they are just but rumours.

The 60th Grammy wrote to him and he was mesmerized by the fact that the invite had his name on it.

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He said,

Dear Mr Ohanga, My friend si ati jokes. Hata Grammy wananitambua

He assured his fans he will one day be a nominee in the grammy.

He said,

Sikuwa nominated this year but wasee wangu wasikonde I am working on it one day one day inshallah 

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Check out the video of him flaunting his success: