Media personalities Wilbroda, Awinja, and Shiks Kapienga are in Santorini for a vacation, and we can’t help but be super envious over their social media post.

The three are serving us squad goals as well as fashion goals as they soak in the sun in Greece.

They have been lighting up the interwebs with pictures of their squad since they exited Nairobi and they clearly are having the best time of their life.

The three are the clearest definition of You only live once- as it’s portrayed on their social media posts.

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Fun and friends!

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Early this year, Amber Ray lit up the interwebs when pictures of her vacationing in Santorini emerged.

To say some were envious and jealous of the famous socialite, would be an understatement.

Amber Ray: The entrepreneurial activity that Santorini bae has been upto

The type of animosity thrown at her was crazy but she handled all the hate with class and considerable poise.

Accusations were thrown at her that she was dating a married man. But it turned out to be, she was promoting rapper Syd’s new song. They shot a music video in Greece.

The three actresses have officially secured their names on the Kenyan book of celebrities who’ve been to Santorini.

Check out the pictures below of the three while enjoying their vacation.

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