Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip is currently fighting for his life at the Aga Khan hospital ICU after he was attacked by unknown people.

According to a police statement seen by Mpasho, Saumu Mbuvi – the daughter to Nairobi governor Mike Sonko  – was a witness during the attack.

The two had gone out together.

Saumu’s police statement reads in part.

As I went inside the toilet I saw a man who was standing in front of the toilet. he followed me, grabbed me by my top tearing it. I screamed for help and someone threw a stone inside.

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The statement further reads,

The man moved out and lowered himself into another room. Annwar followed the man asking him what he wanted with his woman in swahili.

Saumu adds,

After five minutes he came out and pleaded for forgiveness and I told Annwar to forgive him. After the incident we were heading to the car when a group of nine men came after us.

They started beating Annwar on the foot prompting him to fall down. They then started hitting him on the head, I had to shield him.

Below are photos of Annwar in hospital.

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The statement further reads.

Here at Mpasho, we wish Annwar a quick recovery.

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