Ahmed Darwesh

Yesterday marked exactly one year since KTN newscaster Ahmed Darwesh passed away. ‘Daru’ as he was popularly referred to by his pals, was found dead at his home in Nairobi last year on 15th December. He was battling diabetes. Ahmed was one of the best and most talented media personalities the country has ever produced.

Kifo Hakina Huruma! Ahmed Darwesh’s Last Moments At KTN Before His Death (VIDEO)

The late Ahmed was known for his signature greetings ‘Wakubwa hamjambo, wadogo mmeshindaje? Hii ni KTN Leo chaguo lako, wanakwetu wananiita Ahmed Darwesh’, and a year down the line, Kenyans still Cannot believe that he is no more.

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KTN’s investigative reporter Mohammed Ali who was one of Ahmed’s best friends penned a moving tribute to the late and here is what he wrote;

“Its one year now since you left us kaka Ahmed Darwesh. May Allah reward you with jannat firdaus. I still remember your last call and the last flight to Mombasa when I was taking you home.” Ahmed Darwesh & Mohammed Ali

The late Ahmed Darwesh left behind a widow and 3 kids; 2 daughters and a son.

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Till we meet again!