Consent and harassment are two terms Kenyans would do best to acquaint themselves with. On a previous occasion, I had written about my take on the subject of consent. I would strongly recommend that you check it out. A foggy area, however, is the question of harassment.

Harassment is dependent on the perception of the recipient of your attention. And if the object of your desire asks you to stop, you stop. Mine isn’t a moral or altruistic offering. Mine is simply to tell you to always consider what you have to lose by chasing after anyone.

A case in point would be what reportedly transpired in Githiga village. There, a man texted a woman he had designs on and she promptly reported him to the police for harassment. A photograph of the charge sheet has left Kenyans flapping their gums (really though, what doesn’t get Kenyans talking?) with many divided along gender lines.

Some are arguing that this will mean men can no longer approach lasses they have designs on while others are arguing that this is a great example of how to deal with harassment given how often women are on its receiving end. I personally do not care. The guy in question definitely cares. Check out the photo of the charge sheet below: