Jacque Maribe

The ongoing murder trial involving media personality Jacque Maribe and her ex-fiance Joeseph Irungu a.k.a Jowie has hit headlines.

Yesterday, Jacque was in court where a number of witnesses testified.

George Kimani, Monica’s brother, on Tuesday told the court that her boyfriend Yassir Mohammed did not attend the burial Kimani “despite informing him about it”.

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Jowie chats with Jacque Maribe’s dad

Mohammed was the country director of Caterpillar Inc and lived in the same apartment with Monica.

Kimani also said he was not aware whether Mohammed collected his belongings from the apartment.

Mohammed was to meet Monica on September 20 in Dubai but the meeting never transpired.

Kimani further told the court that he does not know whether the police went to Sudan or Dubai at the time of investigations.

George, brother to Monicah Kimani

Government analyst Joseph Kimani told the court that the straps, which form part of the exhibits he was required to profile, did not link Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie, to them in any way.

The DNA on the white straps used to tie the hands of businesswoman Monica Kimani before her throat was slit were of an unknown origin, a court heard on Tuesday.

The pathologist told Justice James Wakiaga that he received 73 exhibits from the police as well as DNA samples and swabs from several people.

During his cross-examination on Tuesday, Kimani said the DNA on the empty Beer can and the white straps were of different unknown origins.


Here is a rare photo of Jacque Maribe in court taken by Enos Teche.

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