Mejja has been exposed yet again.

So you remember when we did a story about him and a certain Wanjiru? We had all evidence that included pictures. Mejja was apparently a married man and then this lady’s story comes up and we are just like what?

An confidential source gave us this this sordid information. We were given intel that he is in another relationship with 3 women.

Mejja’s Wife

According to the source who is a close friend to Brenda(not her real name as the source told us not to expose her), they knew Brenda was Mejja’s one and only.

Shock on them when he was exposed in the story. So Brenda and her friend knew Mejja had a baby mama but that their relationship had ended. So Brenda was about to start a whole new life with him.


He had started throwing hints that he wants to move in her and of course with that comes a baby and a family. So why not? I mean it is every woman’s dream.

Kumbe this was just a trap. So from the source, he is one impulsive guy. He gets mad really first and throws tantrums. This explains why he was accused of chasing one of his ex’s from the house.

So on this episode of keeping up with Mejja and his ladies, he has been friends with Brenda for the last 4 years but started showing interest in her months ago. Please note that within those months, he was dating Wanjiru who is pregnant by the way.

Brenda decided to give him a shot. This was after she saw all the good qualities of a husband in him. He is those guys who call every morning, lunchtime and evening. Kama dawa!

So now Mejja has been left alone. He has lost all the three ladies all because he was greedy.

We tried to reach out to Mejja regarding the cheating allegations  but he did not respond.

Here is a screenshot showing he received the message but ni response:

Deadbeat kitu gani? Mejja refutes allegations on kicking his baby mama out while pregnant

Look at his beautiful daughter below:

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