Kathy Kiuna

Kathy Kiuna has told Nairobi women that relationships are not built in a single day. It takes time for two to learn and get used to each other. So those ladies who fall in love on the first sight be careful.

You might be falling for an ogre or monster. Be patient, God has the right man for every woman.

Even if he is a cobbler, musician, carpenter or charcoal burner, be happy and appreciate God for them.

Do not rush for Mr moneyed; you never know what might happen (all that glitters is not gold).

Well, dubious female Pastor Kathy Kiuna popularly referred to as ‘Mum’ by her gullible followers has of late ‘turned into’ a marriage counsellor and she has been sharing really good pieces of advice on relationships.

Kathy Kiuna recently took her time to advise women on the type of men they should date. It’s not clear whether she was addressing the Daughters of Zion (ladies who frequent her church) or all Kenyan women, the flashy pastors advised ladies not to rush into a relationship but wait for the right man from God.

Sema kungoja mume mwema kutoka kwa Bwana

“Ladies, wait for the man who will put time, heart and effort to pursue you. Wait for God to set you up with the one who will put in the time to win your heart. Be secure enough in yourself and God that you do not need to throw your heart around and give it away to any man who walks at you. Be a woman, secure in God, deadly to the devil, feminine in strength, purity and tenderness. Give Him the right to be a man in pursuit of your heart by positioning yourself as a woman satisfied in herself and her life!!!”.