Comfort is key and style is important. But ladies did you know that your favorite ngotha says a lot about you? Here are some common types of underwear and the personality it represents.

  1. Bikini wear


Bikini underwear means you’re a simple girl who wants to keep everything in order. You are responsible and your friends admire your simplicity and enthusiasm.

2. Boy short

You’re the type of girl who loves comfort the most above anything else. You’re an open-minded individual who loves individuality. You’re sporty and always ready to do fun adventures with your friends. You’re every boy’s best friend, you enjoy doing things only boys like to do.

3. G-string

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You’re sexy and you know it. You’re a woman who knows what she wants and how she can easily get it. You’re a woman who knows her sexual prowess. You’re not just sexy but you enjoy the freedom of being you, of your individuality.

You can be pushy yet submissive to his wishes. He likes your playfulness and your cool attitude. You love wearing skirts whether you’re out shopping or even when you’re at work.

4. Granny undie

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If you wear granny panties and you’re not bothered at all, then you’re a cool girl who has a good sense of humor and is very likable. You’re the easygoing friend, the cool sister and the cheerful girlfriend. You’re the type of person who doesn’t really care much about your looks, you’re more into personality and the kindness of the heart. Sex and dates don’t interest you that much.

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