Are you married or you are team single like me? If you are dating, which type of men are you dating? Classy, rich, tall, short, humble, God-fearing men or freaks?
One who likes wild sex and turns violent during sex? Who? What is your taste?
Well, after a long discussion with my colleagues about the best calibre of Kenyan men any city girl should be proud dating or being in a relationship with, we came up with this list of 6 types of Kenyan men you should avoid at all costs.
Don’t. Dare. Date. Them.
1. Pilots
If you decide to date a pilot be ready for the worst. They considered being promiscuous. He will cheat on you with several other women in different area codes. They are also stingy and the only thing he can do to please you is to take you out at someplace near Wilson airport, buy you a few drinks, smash and later leave you. They are just for fun, not a man to settle down with.
2. Mtu wa mjengo
He is very hardworking. He wakes up every morning to go to work and comes back late in the evening. If you love sex, too bad for you, he will never have time to satisfy you. Dear ladies, if you know you like getting the D, kindly do not make a mistake of marrying mtu wa mjengo.
3. Lawyers
They are just like pilots. They are promiscuous and will get any woman they want, provided he has his job ID. Women fall easily for men in this occupation thinking that they are going to live happily ever after in a lavish house somewhere in the leafy suburbs of Runda.
4. Deejays
He will promise you heaven the first time you meet him but after dating for a few weeks leave alone a year, you will realize you aren’t the only one.  Deejays love groupies and will sleep with every chic in that fling. Most of them work at night and always hang out with several women. In simple terms, they have friends with benefits who quench their thirsts even at the DJ’s booth or in the parking lot.
5. Watchmen
Huyu atakumaliza. He works at night and during the day he is free. He will always ask for nunu everytime he is home. Woe unto you if you are working. You will end up breaking up because you have no time for him.
6. Gym instructors
He has a body to die for. He interacts with many women a day and chances of him cheating are very high. Most of these gym instructors are well kept Ben 10s of the cougars they train in the gym. They service these old grannies and get money in return. Choose wisely.