Tanasha and Diamond

Tanasha Donna was dating Diamond Platnumz but when things became too complicated, it was time to call it quits.

And yes, infidelity was one of the things that made her dump the celebrated singer.

From how Tanasha has spoken about her relationship with Diamond, to handling curious fans, here are some of the things we’ve learnt.

Think with your mind not your heart:

When there is a problem that has been recurring, approach it like a third party. Put aside your feelings and think of the current circumstances, if it feels like you are being taken for granted, its time to move on.

Don’t be controlled

It is good to submit to your man. Even the Holy Book says so. But it asks the men to love their wife making is so easy for the wife to submit.

However, if the relationship is about the man dictating everything, then sis, it is your que to leave. Hit the road.

Speak…And Speak

Speak out for yourself. Especially if the man cannot stand and defend you infront of his family. When a man is a mama’s boy, the mother will have the biggest say in your relationship. If he always defends his family even when they are wrong, speak to him about it and if things don’t get better, leave!

‘He lost interest and cheated a lot,’ Tanasha Donna reveals why she dumped Diamond

Always Keep The Respect

Do not disrespect anyone’s family. Keep the relationship and break-up between the two of you and pack and go.

Protect your child

If there is a child involved, think about what is in the best interst of the child. You could choose to keep the connection between the child and the father but move on with your life for your own peace of mind.