Nyashinski. photo credit: instagram/ realshinski

Nyashinksi came back to Kenya and became everything a lady wants in a man. It was even a blessing to be associated with him even if it was a rumor. Nyashinski came in and shook the country with his music and he is now such a fan favorite that even Safaricom took him on as the brand ambassador for their new app Songa.

His songs have been hit song after hit song but just so you will love him more and give him views, he posted a video of him and some gorgeous ladies singing along to Nyashinski’s love song Malaika and the girls were all smiles harmonizing to his jam.

Nyashinski. photo credit: instagram/ realshinski

The comments below the video just made it clear this our Kenya has real Nyashinski fans and of course serious fisis and fisilets.

Wanjira: Hao woote😁😁😁🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dady’s Girl: Wish I was there 😍😍I love your work @realshinski

Loise: Yaaani you surrounded by these shawties…Jamming to the song #malaika

MPASHO EXCLUSIVE: Nyashinski reportedly beaten like a rented donkey after being found with an air hostess

Dof: Mmm…acha awadanganye😏

Lovl: All those malaikas with you.😱😱

Chrissy: Jeez I’m jealous😐😐

Watch the video below: