We are always very ready to give men a list of who and what they should be like so that they are worth the second turn. Well men, this time I went deeper into how you want your lady. Hope this gives you a cuddle buddy this February.

  1. .A lady who is decisive.

Ladies are known to be very indecisive but when you have the unique character of actually picking something as soon as now, then you have won a man’s heart real quick! This applies so much when it comes to where he should take you for a  date and what you actually want to eat.

2. Notices small things

Most ladies always want a man to pay very close attention to her but we always forget to give him the same. If you didn’t know you should know that a man does appreciate when you notice the small things.

3. A clean lady

This is very important ladies. You must always keep it fresh. You cannot meet a man and have a funky smell, you will probably be the talk of all his WhatsApp groups and you don’t want that now do you?

4. loyalty

Major key ladies! He wants you to stick by and around him. He wants you to always give or show him firm and constant support or allegiance.

5. Heels

I know you might be thinking ati? Yes, the men like a lady who can rock heels and rock them very well. A big secret is they like it when the heels have a red base. I really don’t why they specifically like that one, but run and grab yourself a pair.

If you didn’t know, now you know. You’re welcome!

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