Broke Man

Days are gone when women used to date or marry men based on their strength, complexion and character. Nowadays, most women prefer dating a wealthy man¬†despite the saying that money can’t buy love.

Kenyan ladies, here is a list 5 most common reasons why you should not date a broke man. Go through and comment if you agree.

1. He can’t treat you

A broke man will always do little for you. He can never surpass your parents. But ladies why date a man who can’t double or triple what your parents do for you? Keep off such men ladies.

2.¬†Incase something happens you can’t rely on him

You can never rely on such a man. In case you urgently need help, he can’t do it. He will keep on complaining about how he is broke and waiting for someone he lent money years ago to refund him back so that he can help you. Ladies, don’t waste money with such a man!