Cheating husband
Cheating husband

Ladies are you in a relationship or marriage? Does your man regard you as his queen or your relationship is based on trust issues and you fight every time?

Well, below are ways to tell your man is cheating or wasting your time.

1. Very generous around your friends

If he goes all out to treat your friends better than you, then just know that he is hunting for the next one.

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2. Asks for a threesome

If a man asks you for a threesome run sis, he is just a fisi who wants to taste as many pots as he can. Such a man is a waste of time sis, you will never be happy with him because he’ll keep demanding for more.

3. Grand gestures after being caught cheating

He will do anything to make you feel like you’re the only queen just to fool you so as you forget what he did.

A good example is DJ Mo. The father of two was exposed for cheating on his wife and after that, he took her on more than two trips and treated her like a queen. They even renewed their marriage vows and he promised never to cheat on her.

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4. Doesn’t account for his time

If he can’t account for his time just know unacheswa sis. Dump him before you are heartbroken.

5. Dming hot chics on social media

If he has a habit of liking photos of women on social media and sending them private messages asking for hookups get ready for a massive heartbreak. Such men never change. A good example is a controversial artiste Willy Paul.

6. When he is always silent when he is on phone

If he is on a video call and he isn’t speaking but using gestures just know he is chatting with his side chics.

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