Broke Man

They say marriage is not a bed of roses and I agree. Before you get married or date someone, you should try to learn your partner first because relationships are not that easy.

Well, I am not a relationship expert but ladies, here are the 5 types of men you should dare date nor marry.

1. Men with no ambition

Ladies date or marry a man with ambition. Do not fall for these team YOLO guys. Your man should be able to stimulate you intellectuality. Do not waste your time with ambitionless men!

2. Womanisers

He is either a player or a cheat. He will pretend to love you but in the real sense he is not! He has multiple sex partners and make empty promises which he will never fulfil. Ladies, why would you date such a person? A womaniser will need your full attention yet in the real sense they don’t love you but are just in your life to hurt you.