A day after Willy Pozze unveiled his sexy and hot girlfriend, L Jay Maasai is also at it. And boy does Bahati, Willy and L Jay Maasai have good taste when it comes to choosing that yellow-yellow girlfriend, worthy to be called a celebrity’s girlfriend. But the truth still stands, dark is beauty, well at least according to me.

l jay

In an exclusive interview with me, L Jay Maasai opened up about who he spent valentines with, if there is a special lass in his life, and trust L J to pull a good move. He claimed that it was a low key affair, a day he spent doing the lords work in a children’s home. We at Mpasho have established that L Jay Maasai is seeing a girl identified as Ashley Mutahi. L Jay went ahead to reveal more information saying, “We Should Read Between The Line” meaning that the two are possibly really seeing each other.

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The Ukitafuta singer went ahead to say that the lass in the picture could be his sister after photos of them kissing were seen on social media (who kisses a sibling that way?). L J disclosed that his bae bought him an expensive watch, further revealing that she could be the ‘prayer partner’ just like other artistes have. Is he referring to Bahati and his prayer partner-cum-video vixen Diana Marua?


ljaymaasaiIn the past L Jay Maasai and Bahati have had bad blood, with L Jay throwing shade at the Mapenzi hit maker after Baha suggested Sauti Sol, Collo and Nyashinski be nominated for the next groove award instead of gospel artistes.



Even after Bahati continues to maintain silence on the real relationship status with his “Prayer Partner” girlfriend Diana Marua, there are those that do recognise that he and Diana Marua are more than just friends, with L Jay Maasai comicly calling his bae prayer partner. Was he getting back at Bahati? Or is Bahati using Diana Marua to get attention? I’ll let you connect the dots.