Size 8 and husband

NTV is soon introducing a new show ‘Dine with the Murayas’.

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo are among the most loved couples around and through social media, they document their marriage, the high and lows, raising their two kids among other things.

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Although the details of the show are still scanty, many are speculating that Bahati reality will be scrapped off.

The Murayas

According to sources from the Kimathi street-based media house.

Bahati’s show was struggling to sustain the audience and that’s why it was pushed to after prime time news.

Fans of NTV already have started giving their views even before the show kicks off and reactions include;

Parto Kim To be serious we are tired with Bahati reality nao hii ni ingineeee.. no wonder NTV wamebaki na Churchill show..better America got talent

Mirriam Chebet Boit Bring something else for all of us watching NTV, I also have my family and we are united by true Love

Birrow Billow Kerrow 😂😂😂mko na mchezo sana, instead of this, give DJ AFRO movies airtime. You will attract more viewers 10000 times than this nonsense.

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Linda Chepto Mumeanza tena treat us normally or else we treat you abnormally

Swt Gal Heri nihesabu tushimo twa mosquito net than waste my time kuona hii…..from being Bahati to Dine with bra bra…..puthooo

Jackson Onduto This is how Low you have sunk.. . We r happy with Maria not this wannabes

Ess Essy We don’t like those 2 especially Size 8.

Patrick Wachira Hope si ile ujinga ilikuwa ya mtoto wa Daina

Robert Ndambuki Just show us history of kijeketile ngwale and maji maji rebelion

Musanga Whitney Why can’t they air documentaries? Hata heri mtuonyeshe enzi za moi

Joy Wairi Rubbish, nonsense, Childish, Rubbish ruuuubish and lack of contents!.

Valerie Daisy I rather watch Mr bean

Edward Muchoki Can we have Tausi and tahamaki instead please?

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Beatzshain Twain I hope hamleti hii ufala tena show off watu wakae nazo kwa nyumba nkt

Shîîra Joy Another one like bahati reality??

Kj Francia Now this one is replacing Being Bahati You only show the sweet moments but we know vitu kwa ground ni different

Vincent Odhiambo just air it on nonday at 11.30 pm it will be fine coz it its prime time it will cost you your business

Cynthia Awuor The only reality show I can watch ya a Kenyan Ni ya Akothee,that mama is realistic achana na hawa kujifanya hawajui kupika nduma nkt

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Faith Maina NTV please stop boring us with these family shows, first was Bahati reality, the show had nothing educative now you want to air the Muraya’s??????tutachange channel sasa!!

Wafula Do Santos Fednant Such shows should be aired by the likes of Switch Tv!

Dorine Ochieng Can’t they take a cue from Nameless and Wahu, so down to earth and real.

Edward Muchoki I will spend the time outside watching grass grow ama kwa gotv watching how to install my decoder.

Kay Mwongela Lack of creativity. Reason Why I watch Al jazeera, France 24, TRT world & Nat Geo

Oscah Nakaya Heri kuwatch Movie za DJ Afro kuliko huu upuzi

Castro Murithi What the heck is wrong with you guys NTV Kenya Please bring something better. I thought the Bahati show made you aware that Kenyans don`t like such shows 😕

Paulyn Tapsaron The only Kenyan celebrity whose reality show I would watch is Akothee

Mercie John Better ata quarantine izidii kuongezewa l will tolerate but watching this🙄🤦hell no

Queen Queen Tee Queen Heri nirudie hullabaloo estate the whole day

Winfredfavor Waithera The so-called themselves gospel entertainments ,have now diverted from their mission of spreading the gospel,into show off, fame and money making shows having the form of godliness but denying it’s power….be warned that you don’t end up like Bahati

Anthony Wachira NTV KENYA ur out of touch with the common man no wonder CITIZEN has more viewers with shows like Maria.

Ongele Arine It will be just like BAHATI REALIT. Iitaisha tu

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