Have you ever found yourself in a position to give someone what you consider good advise and they turn around and tear not only at it but at you too? A fan recently found himself in this same position with Victoria Kimani.

Or perhaps she is just testy after she encountered the president of the boychild, the champion of the lads, the protector of the manling’s interests, Cyprian Nyakundi. The amazing singer who is behind one of the songs I consider a personal favourite, China Love, re-acquainted the fan in question with the old adage, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

You see, Victoria Kimani took to her social media accounts to share some new information and photos with her fans and one fan asked her to hit the gym as her flesh has begun to sag in areas one doesn’t typically want their flesh to sag.

This is how that conversation unfolded: