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Just a few days ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s first born child Jomo wedded her fiancée Achola Ngobi in a traditional Kikuyu ceremony called Itara. The exclusive ceremony was held at the president’s paternal rural home at Ichaweri village in Gatundu South, Kiambu County.

The ceremony marked Achola’s official recognition as President Uhuru’s first daughter-in-law.

ROYAL WEDDING! Photos Of Jomo Kenyatta’s Exclusive Gatundu Wedding Ceremony To Achola Ngobi Emerge Online

And just moments after the highly-guarded affair, photos of the ceremony flooded the Internet. Social media was exploding with, especially, photos of the two newly-weds, dressed in full traditional Kikuyu attires.

Of note though, was how social media reacted to the pictures. Some people started insinuating that the young Kenyatta had “married” sensational Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi. Lol!!!

FURAHA ILIYOJE! President Uhuru Kenyatta Pulls CRAZY Dance Moves During Son’s ‘Itara’ Ceremony ( EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Kumbe, Eric Omondi was following all that! He actually went ahead and did the unthinkable. He found himself a ‘groom’ who coincidentally is a look-alike of Jomo, dressed themselves up in traditional costumes and took a photo.

See it below…

eric omondi

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