Your past will always come to haunt you, the old adage goes.

A video has surfaced on social media showing how Huddah looked like before she stumbled into money and fame and all I could not agree more that people come from far!

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Although she has never shied away from her past, the Huddah we know today drives top of the range vehicles, dines in posh hotels, flies in business class and what have you.

What remains unknown to many is that before she started living the good life, Huddah was just your average Jane struggling to make ends meet in Eastlands.

A video surfaced online Wednesday night showing how she looked like a few years ago and many could not believe its her, I’m still letting it all sink in.

In the video, the popular socialite is seen getting cosy with Circuite of the Circuite and Joel duo famed for their Juala hit.

What caught many people’s  attention was not the fact that she didn’t have a fancy accent back then but that most of her front teeth were missing.

Here is the video.

If this does not inspire you to look for a sponsor, nothing will. Enough said!

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