Vera Sidika

‘No situation is permanent!” I always say aloud “Amen” to this phrase, when my pastor says proclaims it.

After all, it is a popular phrase amongst Kenyan pastors.

Well, we all know bootylicious socialite Vera Sidika, who was once upon a dark-skinned lady but ever since she “became” white, the sexy woman has become the envy of the city.

Pia Socialites Hukula Shida! Vera Sidika Opens Up About Her Struggles

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika who became famous after undergoing a skin-lightening procedure, which she allegedly spent millions to get that yellow-yellow colour, says she regrets being famous.

According to her, the limelight and infamy that came with being a socialite are too much. She misses the good old days.

The trappings of being a famous socialite come with perks. She is living large while her counterparts are still struggling to make it in the socialites’ industry and others are even languishing in poverty.

Vera looks gorgeous, no one can believe that she was once dark-skinned.

Popularly referred to as the Kim Kardashian of Africa, the well-endowed miss is always globetrotting.

Sema power of the name and money!

Sidika has landed major lucrative deals with top corporates across the globe and who knows, she might be the next “beauty ambassador”.

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Anyway, check out photos of Vera Sidika back in the day before she bleached (page 2)

Vera Sidika

Her yellow yellow look has always attracted many. That said, we have photos of the popular socialite back when she was representing #TeamDarkSkin.

Check out the photos below.

Kweli pesa ni sabuni!  Wait and see young Kenyan girls follow the suit.