More often than not, you’ll see Kenyan socialites showing off wads of cash on their social media pages.

Some like Pendo have even taken it a notch higher as she often posts photos of herself literally swimming in money.

I’m sure most of you become very envious when you see those photos but have you ever ask yourselves what these lasses had to do to get all that money? I guess not.

Apparently, its not rosy as it seems. In an interview with Mpasho, Pendo revealed what deep-pocketed men do when its her time to fulfil her end of the bargain.

The sultry lass said that the ‘sponsors’ take her through variety of erotic practices which often involve being whipped and at times she is tied up in chains.

If you think she hates it, you couldn’t be more wrong as she says she finds it kinky and there’s nothing bad about it (her own words).

But she has her limits too. Pendo said she once met a weird white guy who wanted her to do some very weird things that she couldn’t.

What goes through her mind when she is doing such things? One might ask. Her response is short and precise: “Keep your eyes on the prize”.

Check out the video below.

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