Akothee. photo credit: Akotheekena

Akothee has been on the news talking about her baby daddy taking her to court because he wants custody of their son.

Akothee Award

She took to her Instagram and dumped on all of us all her personal feelings talking about the issue and how sensitive it is.

Of course, such stories affect the mother terribly and she now has to put her adorable son through the same.

That aside, we recently learned she has been in a relationship with her young good looking manager and this was a shocking story but guys what did we expect after the birthday party she threw him?

Wewe ni kama msumari! Nelly Oaks encourages Akothee in lovely message to her!

Akothee has clearly not finished the giving birth story, she just posted that she wants a baby with her new bae but cautioned him that if by any chance he will take her to court, he better make a physical appearance.


She said:

Baby! now you are chasing me alone 😍😍when the baby comes I hope you will still have the same energy to chase us while laughing the way we are now & not me chasing you while crying 😂😂😂😂, and when you decide to take me to court make sure you appear in person don’t disappear like so and so,😂😂 lawyers never spread the bed for us! Face me #sibuormadhako 😂😂😂 oyaa see my life 😍😍No one has ever graduated in a relationship, so just enjoy the moment #relationshipgoals #weekendmood

We do wish this two all the best hoping this is her Mr Right, not Mr Right Now, because even if we love to hate Akothee, they look so cute together.