For all those who knew the real reggae music before the likes of Dancehall gangster Vybez Kartel started tainting the genre, or when Buju Banton reigned supreme way before he was incarcerated; even before Wyre The Love Child transformed from being that kasoftie R&B singer to one who sings everything; there used to be a man called Jahkey Malle. Does that name ring a bell? I hope so.

Jahkey Malle was the solid dread-locked reggae singer, DJ and promoter behind the legendary and widely known Jahmbo Sounds. He was an enigma in the Kenyan reggae scene in the 90s and early 2000s.

He was such a great reggae act as he was among other greats in the genre to perform in several concerts such as, the Yellowman African Concert (1992), 1993 Shabba Ranks Africa Tour, 1996 Lucky Dube Tour, Chaka Demus & Pliers concert in 1997 and the 1998 Sunbeat Reggae Fest, which featured the likes of Maxi Priest and Lucky Dube.

Now, you won’t believe what this great singer known for songs like Dhulma and Ukimwi, and his gigs at Club Hollywood has turned to.