Anne Kiguta

They say no situation is permanent and I agree with that. If you think you are ugly I’m sorry, you are not. You are just broke. Wait until you have the money and fame and you will see how people will be after you requesting for selfies and for you to sign autographs.

Well, celebrated Citizen TV senior anchor Anne Kiguta is a good example of “from grass to grace”. Back in the day, before she started working in the media and her early years in the TV industry, Kiguta looked different compared to now. No one thought she would transform into such a gorgeous woman – pesa ni sabuni ya roho I say (insert comedian Churchill’s voice).

Wewe Endelea Kuparara! Anne Kiguta’s New Look After Pregnancy Leaves Women Dying Of Jealousy (Photos)

Anne Kiguta, a mother of three, is living proof that indeed hard work pays. She has risen the ranks to become one of the most sought after female media personalities in the country. Her work speaks for itself. She is among the sexy celebrity mothers who look absolutely gorgeous even after giving birth. Have you see her latest pics?—>Blessings upon Blessings! Citizen TV’s Anne Kiguta Finally Reveals The Gender Of Her Adorable Twins

Being a Thursday or rather a Throwback Thursday whereby people share photos of themselves back in the day just to give us a glimpse into their past lives, pictures of Anne Kiguta before and after fame and money have surfaced online leaving her fans surprised. She totally looks different compared to now. She is really glowing nowadays a clear indication that life is good and stress-free.


Anne Kiguta

Watu hutoka mbali kweli.

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