Susan Nkirote

English is very hard. If you want to prove this, tell a Meru or Kamba to pronounce the word dictionary he/she will pronounce it as “ndictionary” and you still say English is easy? For some they are influenced by their first language; mother tongue.

RIP English! Mwanaisha Chidzuga Murders The Queens Language In Angry Rant

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Well, Kiraitu Murungi’s alleged niece has left many wagging tongues after she murdered the queens language. Apparently, that’s how Nkirote talks and writes with most of her posts being in broken English. But how come she seems to be living a high end life? Let’s not judge her, maybe she did not go to school or she is under the effecct of her mother tongue.

“My fever lite Auncle”

To mean; My favourite uncle. Really? This is how she captioned a photo of one of the longest serving politicians in the country Kiraitu Murungi.

This saw Kenyans on social media troll her. Check out some of the Twitter reactions













Kenyans are savage and can make one do the unthinkable. The comments are just crazy. I think Nkirote is a very loving and caring daughter and she is trying to show us what does for her mother but it seems expressing herself in English is a very big problem to her. She is suffering from ‘poor grammar’ disease. This comes in turn after the recent online Twitter brawl between Kenya and Nigeria with regards to the English language.

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