Boniface Mwangi
Boniface Mwangi

Activist Boniface Mwangi will be running for the Starehe Constituency parliamentary seat in Nairobi come August 8th, 2017.

Anaenda Kukuwa Mpig! Activist Boniface Mwangi Bids Goodbye To His ‘Baby’ In An Emotional Way As He Joins Politics

To ensure that he met all the required criteria to run for the coveted seat, he registered himself as a KCSE candidate.

He was expelled from high school almost two decades ago, hence his failure of not having sat for the vital examination.

However, the vocal social activist sat for the examination in 2016, whose results were announced in December of the same year. Majority of those who wrote the exam ended up with not the best results thanks to the no-nonsense Education CS, Dr. Fred Matiang’i.

Boniface was among them!!

SEMA KUANGUKA! Boniface Mwangi Finally REVEALS His KCSE Grade And It’s Not Pleasing

“Scores in exams hide more than they often reveal. I was expelled from school in 1998 when I was barely 15 for highlighting the problems that students faced. Since my mother could not afford to take me to an alternative school, I ended up in the streets of Nairobi as a hawker. Last year, 18 years after I was expelled, I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations. I was 34, married and a father of three. Having decided to contest for a political seat in the August election, I feared that I risked being stopped from vying on a technicality,” he wrote on his social media pages.

He says that he also didn’t expect the results he got in the national exams.

Kuanguka Sio Mwisho Wa Maisha! Sonko Defends Boniface Mwangi Over His KCSE Grades

He added:

“Personally, I got unexpected marks even in subjects that I am well versed in. Fortunately, the overall grade I got will not affect my life the way it will an 18-year-old student who wrote that examination and failed. However, if grades could predict how good or bad a person would turn out, I would share mine, but they don’t. At any rate, no one knows what our political leaders scored in their high school examinations. The score does not matter.”

Although he hasn’t outrightly said so, we tend to think he failed kabisa in KCSE!!!