Hussein Mohammed

Hussein Mohammed one of Kenya’s prolific journalists has gained massive popularity over his excellent grasp of the topics under discussions and engagement with high-profile guests on his show.

Are you a shareholder at Royal Media Services?

Well that’s the question Citizen TV’s top anchor Hussein Mohamed has been asked several times online this week following a glowing tribute from former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto.

The former governor’s remarks during a live interview on Tuesday, during Hussein Mohamed’s Newsnight show, have again shone the light on the anchor, whose wit, grasp of issues, and interviewing skills remain unrivalled in the country.

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Hussein Mohammed

While responding to one of Hussein’s characteristic witty questions, the governor quipped, “ I bet you (Hussein) must be a shareholder in Citizen, because you are doing so well for Citizen.”

Reactions social media followed swiftly with including;

@Asmali77 tweeting, @HusseinMohamedg needs to come clean. Does he own shares at Royal Media House? Isaac Ruto asante kutuambia.

@kijomba45 Its normal for employees to own shares if the board agrees so.

@ Hotels2541 joked; KRA tuned in on all @HusseinMohamedg shows from now on.

“One question we would like to ask Hussein, are you a shareholder at Royal Media Services?” @Husseinmohamedg

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Touted as the Anderson Cooper of Africa, Hussein is a force to reckon with in the media industry having successfully interviewed high profile individuals including the several presidential aspirants prior to the controversial 2017 elections, the Deputy President William Ruto, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko among others.

The tribute has again underscored the long-held conviction that Hussein Mohamed is indeed the best in his game and a force to reckon within the media industry.

His shows have attracted high-profile guests in Kenya and beyond, promoting the celebrated and award-winning journalist massive popularity. This has been characterised by his intelligent yet humble demeanour when shooting unnerving questions to his guests, and his lack of appetite for the limelight, always keeping a low profile.

Hussein Mohammed who was ranked fourth among the top 100 journalists with most critics and pundits saying he should have been top of the list for being consistent in his career and thorough with his interviewees.

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