Weasel Manizo

Singer Jose Chameleone marriage to his wife Daniella Atim hasn’t been a walk in the park. The couple has been on and off and two years ago, Daniella broke up with the father of her five children but later reconciled.

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Well, Daniella has won the hearts of many after supporting Talia Kassim, who has been in a toxic relationship with Jose Chameleone’s brother Weasel, who’s a womanizer.

Dear mama Thea, you are a good woman and a great mama, today I pray for you and I shall post you here to help you get courage to get out of that abusive relationship,it has drained you emotionally and physically, I post you here so that fellow women who can’t reach you can share with you words of encouragement and remind you that you can do this …let’s end domestic violence in uganda

Daniella, who’s based in the USA with all her children has been sharing posts about abusive and toxic relationships, leaving many speculating that all was not well in paradise.

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In a letter titled Dear Girl Child, she advised Weasel’s baby mama Talia Kassim, and other women to be courageous, not entertain abusive relationships and learn to say enough is enough when things aren’t going well.

Dear girl child, LET THIS BE THE YEAR! Let this be the year you go after courage, for years your heart desires it but worry held you back.You allowed yourself to dream courageously but forced yourself to end it at that. But after all that, let this be the year. Let this be the year you take those deeper breaths with eyes wide open, running in the direction of courage you have longed to find for years …Go after courage everywhere, for wherever you pursue it,
God will be there,ever-loving, ever guiding.He will bring you out of hiding,dispelling every fear…giving you courage and giving you strength…let this be your year to speak up and break free of domestic violence….and oh yes it is truly my concern to speak for our mothers, for our daughters, for our sisters and for anyone who feels their mouth has been shut.


Chameleone’s wife’s remarks were echoed by many and reactions include;

talia_katoroogo Girls should stop being treated the wrong kind of way and being treated like animals women have to be treated right mother’s are everything💯

finese_finesa He doesn’t have to hit you for it to be abuse, He can manipulate, belittle, humiliate, curse, blame, scream, redicule, disrespect and try to control you… ABUSE gets worse over time. Get help now, girl child arise and shine say no more enough is enough.

mara_ssen38 I don’t know who you are, but let this be the last time you are anyone’s punching bag.

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lamulaceesay Men like that don’t change,when life frustrates them, they take it out on u, unapologetically, the guy has no love in him to give, look at his romantic history, run girl run,Allah is with u, only he can protect u

deybyofficial My heart is bleeding 🕯🕯 no one takes this serious untill a mother, a sister lose a life..😭😢 so sad our girls cant get the courage to move on. Courage to work hard n get everything done, what worries them are the babies…..and guess what babies will live happier seeing their mum live