It’s high time the government saves the youth joining city gangs. How about holding crusades and seminars to create crime awareness for the jobless youths out here?

The rate at which young girls and boys are being killed daily because of committing different crimes is alarming. The country’s toughest cop Hessy has been on the forefront in eliminating criminals. He uses Facebook to warn the thugs to reform but it seems his warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Only a few listen to him and change for the better.

Msiniue Tafadhali! Hardcore Criminal Confesses His Sins On Facebook And Promises To Change (PHOTOS)

Well, barely a week after sharing photos of two Dandora notorious thugs Kamore and Jonte, Hessy has exposed two more criminals after someone from Mathare sent him a message claiming that the boys were part of a gang terrorizing residents of the area.

“I am from Mathare Mradi there are boys (gangs) who every Sunday they rob people in broad daylight and people can’t act for victimization if you even cough when they are doing the act you will be beaten by them so people fear.

Last Sunday they stole 3 phones from 2 ladies and 1 man. The guy who tried ”kusema hiyo mnafanya mbaya was later beaten by that gang seriousLY.”

Hessy has condemned this heinous act and who knows, he might be headed there to protect Mathare residents from these young boys who like harvesting what they didn’t sow.

“AM SURE THE PEOPLE CONCERNED WILL TAKE FIRM ACTION ON THIZ IDIOTS !!!!! This is quite unacceptable and cannot be tolerated by anyone,” he posted on Facebook accompanied by this pic of two boys believed to be part of the gang robbing people in the city’s slum. 

City criminals

Kenyans are begging the police to save them from these criminals and here are some of the comments

Paty: Barak Hesy Wa Dandora pls help them..God give you wisdom to deal with the culprits..they work worse than terrorists..address the issue as an emergency

Max: This is highly unacceptable! Hardworking kenyans must be allowed to enjoy what they labour for, so its high tyme we git rid of these assholes!! Kill them now now n history will be grateful! Hawa wanakaa wauaji kabisa!! Countdown begins now…

‘Very Soon Mtapata Direct Ticket To HELL!’ Tough Cop Hessy Warns These Two Dandora Notorious Criminals

Hesy Wa Dandora:Hata mimi ntakuja hapo mniibie,…. Ndo mtajua hamjui, shenzi kabisa !!!!

Rachel: Hessy please acha kua mpole hivo.Take action right away.

Hessy Wa Githurai:  Aya sasa hawa hawajaskia form ni kureform.Ati ukiwareport wanakuchapa in a broad day light hii Nairobi tu.

Mercy: What are you waiting for Hessy? Need to see them down

Jeff: Haki hawa madingo ?? na ukienda kwa profile zao utapata wako self employed walai… lipua hizo vichwa hessi

Stephen: HESSY I don’t like it when you negotiate or plead with them,because these thugs have no mercy, #COPPER zliisha ?

Ericoh: Hesy, siku hizi umekuwa msoft sana. Hebu hulisha hao mafala hawajui kitu hii wiki