Willy Paul

Gospel singer Willy Paul has lashed out at Christians and pastors, claiming that they’re hypocrites.

The controversial singer, whose latest music has left many confused about it’s exact genre, shared a post about faith that ignited mixed reactions.

Willy Paul wrote;

A church needs 2M to build a toilet, they call for fundraising.
The local pastor is sick, urgent fundraising but
when a church member needs 2M for kidney transplant they call for prayers.
That’s the saddest state of our faith!

Check out comments from Willy Paul’s fans

Iamclinton sense for once

Njagy The same faith is in our today gospel songs and artist like you preaching finger signs👌

Kala_kennedy Hypocrites practice that art in churches nowadays…huko ndo kumejaa wachawi siku izi….ata si kwenye mizimu tena….upuzi mtupu

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Kiema_julius Today u just talked sense… Congratulations 👏👏👏

Maiguake Huko Ni wapi wanafundraise choo na 2 M… Use logical amount @willy.paul.msafi

Uniorgichuhi Izi signs za vidole unashindanga kutuonyesha, si useme kaa umejoin illuminati

Lovetone.musyoky Hypocrites are all over but Christians are cheating their salvation with materialistic things like money everything is commercialized including the gospel music 🎶 and word of God is under threat from this characters.

Joca.miah Don’t compare prayers with money,,, money is worldly while prayers are spiritual and can heal faster.

Muchirijaymske Toa ngoma sasa nice lyrics😜😜😋😋

Wyclefbwaaza: This is true @willy.paul.msafi Now transform these teachings n let them be in your lyrical life…. Andika muziki wacha maneno ya speaking in tongues.

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Tonii_vendetta: When our country is in need of “Popular Figure heads” and “Famous Musicians” to talk about corruption and impunity in our government, what do you give us… “Bora Uhai” and more crappy hits with no message

Marjoriekimani Sad sad. Lord help us

Songwaleah: Yaani leo umeongea kwa niaba ya watu million mbili😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ila boss wewe cheiii…

Everlynekaringithi That is true, we build more churches instead of children homes or for charity. God doesn’t live in church, he lives in your heart.

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Well, the city is full of dubious pastors the likes of Victor Kanyari, James Ng’ang’a, who milk money from their congregations. Last year, bishop Alla Kiuna of JCC made headlines after word went viral that the church was planning to gift him a private jet. In his defense, he said

The church is expanding. My calendar and itinerary won’t allow me to meet the demands of missionary work. This calls for efficient travel and it’s too tedious to fly commercial from one continent to another.

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