Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo holding 'crooked' chapati

BBC Africa business editor Larry Madowo is a funny chap. His social media posts always lit up the internet and attract thousands of comments both positive and negative.

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The young global leader, who studies at Columbia University in New York shared a photo holding a rectangular chapati leaving many in stitches.

Chapati’s are usually round but Madowo’s rectangular one came as a surprise to many.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo holding ‘crooked’ chapati

Your chapati could never!’ he captioned the above photo.

The jovial media personality is the second celebrity to be trolled over crooked chapatis after Zari Hassan.

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Below are reactions from Kenyans;

georgiendirangu Wow, Japesa, it had to look like a Macbook.

bonneytunya Such heinous crimes against chapati!

mcatricky Hio ndio inaitwa KICHAPO cha Mbwa 😂😂

terryannechebet Gosh boss!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

syoks Heshimu chapati please @larrymadowo

kelvin_chetambe Na nani aliamua ati chapati ikuwe round? I think they should have freedom just like Maandazi

israelawino Hii ni chapati ama chopping board?

shoseoyalo 🙆what is that? Inspired by a hand towel?

winniemapenzi My coastal background does not allow me to view this type of contraption

katiendungu LOL! I thought it’s tea towel.

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abdiri.zaaq heri ujifunike tu

sellahotieno Sasa hiyo ni ya watu wangapi yawa Larry😂

richy_dex 😂 Just admit you were not able to properly shape it so ukaikatakata ikue hivyo

riri_bbyy 😂😂 hii si chapati ni towel 😂😂😂

Toriso  That Chapati looks like your new accent 🔥

Sharon C Sheery At first I thought it is face towel😂😂, I had to look thrice! The chapati that was never, thinking louder how bigger is the pan😳😳

Niklas Musau I heard you tweng barely 5yrs at BBC, I would like to remind you that Kiraitu Murungi was in Harvard for 14years and still pronounces GUILTY as NGIUILTY.

Ammo Ramos The usual shape of chapatti must be circular and anyone preparing a rectangular thing masquerading as chapatti should be arrested and sentenced to 1 year imprisonment

Obure Junior That chapati and your new accent 🤞🏾🤞🏾

Mukenga Sanchez I personally nominate you for the next cooking competition if Mwaniki still run such a program

Erico Neshville I cannot eat a chapati that is not circular, for your own information that is not chapati, that is a big biscuit.

Peter Mbugua This is covid-19 chapati I have never seen it before.

Some of Madowo’s followers who live in Texas revealed that such chapatis are sold at a Lebanese restaurant in their neighborhood.