A Kenyan lady is embarrassed by her sponsor’s behaviour.

Photo of Kenyan woman cuddling her ancestor sponsor in bed shocks many

According to this lady, her sponsor farts a lot especially after eating and can’t control himself. She’s fed up with his behaviour and is seeking help on the matter.

The lady shared her bad experience with her sponsor on Facebook and she wrote

“Wamama (married) please help a sister. How do you deal with your old husbands who are suffering from abdominal gas. My sponsor keeps farting especially after kukula. Halafu he cant amsha during this period. But he warns me first ‘nindathuria ringi’, (i have released the gas again) . Saa hizo umejifunika aki.  Also doctors in the house can help. Is it manageable, he is in his 50s. Thanks.”

Ladies, do you experience the same with your sponsors?

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What’s your advice to this woman?

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