The comedian posing

Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda are so hilarious as they give us updates of what’s going on in their lives.

So this week, the couple were hunting down rats that had taken over their home.

Taking to Instagram, the couple posted numerous videos of their successful hunt and even their little boy Tugi was involved.

Well, Celestine was shocked to see her son innocently carrying a rat.



“Ghai babe, mbona unamshikisha panya…Wacha Tugi wacha!”

Comedian Njugush on the other hand was enjoying the moment and even encouraged his son not to be afraid.

“Shika shika baba. Hii ni panya, shika,” he said.

Celestine then picked up her son and ran to the house.

Well, In a Youtube conversation, the couple were in a conversation with their fans when Celestine said that although marriage is commitment, hers is more than commitment because her husband is now even travelling with rats in their car.

“This is more than commitment,” she said.

Njugush on the other hand defended himself saying;

“I don’t want to kill them so I am carrying them so I can take them to the forest.”

Njugush was even seen roasting one of the rats and welcomed his fans to come over with Ugali.

Comedian Njugush
Comedian Njugush with wife and son