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In the recent past we have seen celebrities invest in pimping up bedrooms of their kids, making some of us look poor and miserable even when we are not.

Some of these bedroom decorations are expensive than some people’s rent, but like they say tumia pesa ikuzoee.

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Below are some of the bedrooms with the most adorable one being that of Grace Msalame’s twin girls.

  1. Kabi wa Jesus

The bedroom of Taji wa Jesus son to Kabi wa Jesus is decorated in yellow and grey and we must admit we love it.

While some of us grew up squeezed up in a single bed, Taji has a whole room to his disposal.

Taji wa Jesus Bedroom
Taji wa Jesus Bedroom
Taji wa Jesus Bedroom
Taji wa Jesus Bedroom

Size 8

Muraya Junior’s bedroom is colored blue a color mostly associated with boys.


Kate Actress

Baby K’s bedroom is decorated in pink, a color mostly associated with baby girls.

Kate Actress with daughter

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Kate Actress and her daughter.

 Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame

So fellow Kenyan don’t go around saying Kenya hakuna pesa, jua ni wewe tu hauna pesa.

Otherwise some people have enough cash to spoil themselves and their kids.

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