Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

In yesterday’s Bahati Reality episode, two women believed to be Diana’s aunties camped at the singer’s home demanding dowry.

They met Bahati’s brother Kioko, who told them that Bahati had already sorted things out with the elders but the two women and one of Diana’s sister, Michelle, couldn’t listen to him.

Kioko left the house and headed to the singer’s studio, where he narrated to him what had transpired.

Hao wamama wamewaka moto. Nashangaa kwani hii maneno hujawahi maliza Bahati? [Those women are angry. You mean you haven’t finished paying dowry? Bahati].

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Bahati, who was aware that Diana’s relatives were camping at his house responded to his brother, asking,

Kwani msichana ananunuliwanga kama mbuzi . Basi si Wangembeba waende naye. [Are women bought like goats? Then they should have taken her back to their home.]

According to Bahati’s culture, the Kamba people do not pay dowry at once.

Kwani mila ya wajaluo inakuwangaje? [How does the Luo culture work?] Where I come from we pay dowry in installments. There’s no one in this world who isn’t owing anyone, even Kenya owes China. 

Later on in the show, Diana hooks up with her sister Michelle and told her she wasn’t happy that she organised an ambush.

I didn’t like what you did yesterday. I feel offended and I’m hurt by what you did because I felt that you as my sister you could have told me what our aunties were planning.

Michelle responded saying,

I didn’t do it out of respect. How can I learn about your pregnancy on social media as a sister? When you conceived Heaven [your first child] you told me as a sister. So even before you conceived your second child you could have told us not me finding out on social media.

That’s why I brought the aunties because it’s not good. Don’t you recognize that Bahati hasn’t followed our traditions of paying dowry? Bahati hajafanya vizuri because according to our culture there are things that need to be done.


Haiwezi kuwa sasa kesho uko na ball kesho kutwa umezaa.[You can’t be getting pregnant and giving birth anyhow.] ARe you ready for this child ANd tell Bahati I’m coming for him.

If you’re mad because I came with our aunties next time I will come with the whole village. Tell your husband we’re coming.

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