Emma Brenda

Emma Brenda Wanjiru, Mombasa based policewoman who is christened the sexiest Kenyan cop seems to be nursing a heartbreak.

She has been ranting on Instagram about bad relationships.

Sexiest Kenya cop
Sexiest Kenya cop Brenda Wanjiru

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In a series of posts, Emma Brenda also advises people not to tolerate abusive and toxic relationships.

Stay single! until you meet someone who’s all about you all the time and not just when they want,’ she wrote.


I was asked why am I so quick to walk away from relationships and friendships…I replied as  I get older I have no room for stupidity, ignorance, liars, manipulators and people who insult my intelligence.

The mother of one, whose love live has been kept a secret went ahead to throw shades at ‘bad lovers’.

Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious you get to choose how to use i. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.

Emma Brenda

Kwani kuliendaje? Sexiest Kenya cop Emmy Brenda talks about breakups Kwani kuliendaje? Sexiest Kenya cop Emmy Brenda talks about breakups

Is all well with Emma’s love life? That’s what many are asking.

Below are photos of the sexiest cop, go through,

Emma Brenda Emma Brenda


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 Emma Brenda Emma Brenda Emma Brenda Emma Brenda
 Mpasho Kenyan police officer Emma Brenda
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