HSC Martin Kamotho aka Githeri man became a national sensation during last year’s election. He was spotted queuing while eating Githeri (a mixture of beans and maize) in a polling station and the picture went viral.

Githeri Man Christmas
Githeri Man Christmas


Bhangi Tupu! See The Funny Things Kenyans Are Doing To This Man Who Was Eating Githeri While Queuing To Vote

 Well, Githeri Man became a darling to many and he landed jobs with top corporates among them Big Square, Bonfire adventures just to mention but a few.

Githeri Man received gifts from Safaricom namely a Samsung S8+ smartphone valued at Sh.100, 000 and his wife and child were given a Tecno Canon smartphone worth Sh. 50, 000. He also received a fully paid vacation to the Maasai Mara courtesy of Bonfire and a real estate firm –Ngong Crescent gifted him with a serviced plot worth Sh.269,000 and a title deed for land in Karen. Well, Carol Pulei, the woman who designed President Uhuru’s shirts came out and offered to design his suits for a year.

On Jamhuri day (last year), Githeri Man was given a Head of State commendation by President Uhuru Kenyatta raising eyebrows.

Wacheni Propaganda Priss! Githeri Man Responds To Claim That He Blacked Out In A Ditch And Lost His 100k Phone

 The father of one has been lying low like an envelope and it seems all is not well if we are to go by the photos making rounds online. Githeri Man was recently spotted at a dingy place and according to sources, it’s a local brew den but he hasn’t come out to confirm or deny the allegations.
Here are the photos
Githeri Man
Githeri Man
Kenyans are shocked that Githeri Man has gone back to his old ways even after he was given everything. Below are some of the reactions from social media users:
Yassin Juma: Wachaneni na Head of State Commendation (HSC) awardee Martin Kamotho aka Githeri Man akitoa lock. He too has a life to live…kila mtu na lifestyle yake…ata orezo ule alimpa award ni kamnyweso…tofauti tu ni base.

Rosemary Adegor: Recognising a fellow drunkard. Tuko Pamoja!!

Edward Madoya: It’s good to remember your friends

Damaris Mutula: Latest pics of Githeri man, Uhuru Kenyatta’s HSC newest member! Spotted in Kayole yesterday stinking drunk!

Calvin Rundu: Live the guy alone…he is sufferer just like us.

Dre De la Cruz: A decorated Donkey is still a Donkey, can never be a Zebra.