A year after bongo star Ali Kiba married Amina Khalef from Kongowea, Mombasa, she is said to be grappling with previously undisclosed information.

A close source to the two told Word Is Amina discovered some past relationships of the singer and other women.

“It is normal arguments but the lady is still with him. She came to learn that Ali Kiba has several children, apart from the ones we know,” the source said.

“Right now, she is under strict counselling by Ali Kiba’s parents because there is a lot of trouble. I mean this lady is young.”

The singer tied the knot with the 24-year-old at a star-studded event attended by the who is who in politics and the entertainment industry. The two had secretly dated for close to two years.

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“I met my wife in Nairobi when she was a student at USIU, and we started dating,” Kiba said in a past interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe.

“She was my fan and we got to know each other and finally, we ended up together.”

The celebrity couple welcomed their first baby a few months ago. This is Amina’s firstborn. On the other hand, this is Ali Kiba’s fourth born because the singer already has three other kids from previous relationships.

The Tanzanian singer was taken to court by his third baby mama in May last year over child support.

Kiba came out to say the baby mama had been preventing him from seeing his daughter, but what angered him the most was the fact that the kid was calling another man “Dad”.

Amina on the other hand once came out to say that even if Muslims are meant to marry four wives, she couldn’t allow the singer to add another.

“I can’t. It’s God that knows and it’s Him that has planned. But I can’t,” she said.