Diana Marua is a fashionista. She has a great sense of fashion. The mother of two has maintained her gorgeous looks even after giving birth and it’s a clear indication that marriage is working for her.

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Well, recently, Diana posted a photo posing with her husband who was wearing a black flowery suit, bow tie, and a white shirt.

The mother of two, on the other hand, was dressed in a long gown and black gloves, which ignited a heated debate on social media.

Diana Maru and Bahati
Diana Maru and Bahati

‘”Shosh” wa Bahaa ameivaaa,’ Bahati joins bandwagon in calling Diana old grandma

Many trolled her for wearing such gloves even though her overall look was classy.

lis_delique Kwanini Diana amevaa gloves za watu wa nduthi?

maureenblack @lis_delique hizi kwanza ni za plumber.

barbarawaigwe @lis_delique I thought ni za kuosha dishes.

lizgathu @lis_delique 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ikr…..I even went to see who dresses her, those are winter gloves in a tropical country ….. the rest of the outfit is nice lakini.

pauleemwalo The gloves though no no no.

purity_shayne @lis_delique izi ata si za nduthi ni zile za kutoa sewage.

liz_raymond @lis_delique 😂😂😂😂 People try too hard… anything for IG. Hadi gloves za sewage mtu anavaa ni fashion 🤦🏼‍♀️🤭.

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‘”Shosh” wa Bahaa ameivaaa,’ Bahati joins bandwagon in calling Diana old grandma

Polythene gloves for what? Is she going to unblock a sewer somewhere?

Polyn Poly Are those black gloves I’m seeing.

Lisdelique Kwanini Diana amevaa gloves za watu wa nduthi?

mephis78 Si ni za kushika chuma ya doshi.

naphtie Umekua chura unavaa 🧤 za kuosha choo.

justinunits Yeye ni engineer.

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