sauti sol alikiba

I have no idea what the hell is going on with award shows these days. Everything seems confused. One minute, you’ve won, the next, your award gets snatched from you because the category you were voted into winning was meant to be decided by a college of esteemed peers.

I kid you not. Ali Kiba found himself in just this predicament. You see, MTV MAMAs had nominated him in a category with Wizkid. Picture if you will, MTV sets up their website to be a poll. And guess what happened? Ali Kiba won.

And in what fashion!


That was when shit hit the fans. The good folk over at MTV EMA decided this particular category wasn’t meant to be up for the vote. And things went south. You can imagine the angst in many a Tanzanian heart.


Ali Kiba was robbed. No offense to Wizkidayo Balogun.

And what excuse was offered by MTV EMA? This garbage: